Results of Chartis assessment: duration of measurement and expiratory volume during measurement

TotalCV negativeCV positivep-value
Subjects n24918762
Duration of Chartis assessment
 Total time, s240 (77–864)226 (77–864)304 (122–533)0.021
 Time to VT20=6 mL, s168 (36–546)
 Difference, s60 (5–354)
Expiratory volume during Chartis assessment
 Expiratory volume, mL320 (15–1780)240 (15–983)1014 (115–1780)p<0.005
 Expiratory volume at VT20=6 mL, mL235 (11–991)
 Difference, mL5 (0–120)
  • Values are presented as median (range) unless otherwise indicated. CV: collateral ventilation; VT20: “volume trend for the previous 20 s”.