Baseline characteristics of all tobacco-smoking patients, stratified by pre-/post-data collection period and by training method of the general practitioner they had consulted (n=1937)

Pre-trainingPost-trainingABC training5As trainingTotal sample
Subjects n10398989869511937
Age years (mean±sd)46.1±16.146.0±15.746.2±16.045.9±15.846.1±15.9
 Female52.4 (544)52.1 (468)56.0 (552)48.4 (460)52.3 (1012)
 Male47.5 (493)47.7 (428)44.0 (434)51.2 (487)47.6 (921)
Level of education#
 High school equivalent21.6 (224)22.8 (205)22.4 (221)21.9 (208)22.2 (429)
 Advanced technical college equivalent14.9 (155)13.2 (118)16.2 (160)11.9 (113)14.1 (273)
 Secondary school equivalent29.7 (309)28.1 (252)29.3 (289)28.6 (272)29.0 (561)
 Junior high school equivalent30.5 (317)32.3 (290)29.1 (287)33.7 (320)31.3 (607)
 No qualification3.2 (33)3.6 (32)2.7 (27)4.0 (38)3.4 (65)
Cigarettes per day (mean±sd)14.0±9.313.6±9.413.2±9.214.5±9.413.8±9.3
Time spent with urges to smoke [32] (mean±sd)2.9±1.53.0±1.53.0±1.52.9±1.62.9±1.5
Strength of urges to smoke [32] (mean±sd)2.0±0.92.1±1.02.0±0.92.1±0.92.0±0.9
Motivation to stop smoking [25] (mean±sd)3.3±1.83.3±1.93.4±1.83.1±1.83.3±1.8
Satisfaction with conversation on smoking with GP (if so)+2.0±0.92.0±0.92.0±0.92.0±0.92.0±0.9

Data are presented as percentage (n), unless stated otherwise. Differences when calculating the total percentage can be explained by missing data on the respective variables. #: German equivalents to education levels listed in table from highest to lowest: high school equivalent (“Allgemeine Hochschulreife”), advanced technical college equivalent (“Fachhochschulreife”), secondary school equivalent (“Realschulabschluss”), junior high school equivalent (“Hauptschulabschluss”), or no qualification. : both items of the Strength of Urges to Smoke Scale (SUTS) with values ranging from 0=lowest to 6=highest urges. +: asked only in smoking patients who had a conversation on smoking with their GP (n=542) independently of whether the patient reported the receipt of one of the outcomes; satisfaction was operationalised by ratings on a 6-point Likert scale ranging from 1=“very satisfied” to 6=“very dissatisfied”.