Haemodynamic parameters, train-of-four (TOF) and blood gases during measurement at arrival in the intensive care unit (baseline), before and after recruitment manoeuvre, and before extubation

ParametersBaselineBefore recruitment manoeuvreAfter recruitment manoeuvreEnding
SBP mmHg104.9±3.1116.4±3.1118.2±2.4127.6±3.5
DBP mmHg54.5±1.860.2±2.260.9±2.062.7±2.1
MAP mmHg69.8±2.177.3±2.377.7±2.081.2±2.2
CVP mmHg1.3±0.83.4±0.73.4±0.86.6±0.9
HR beats·min−176.9±1.975.8±1.974.1±2.280.4±2.2
SAT %98.5±0.498.8±0.499.5±0.297.8±0.4
TOF %92.9±5.3
PCO2 mmHg38.7±0.843.2±1.1
PO2 mmHg132.8±5.798.3±3.3

Data presented as mean±sem. SBP: systolic blood pressure; DBP: diastolic blood pressure; MAP: mean arterial pressure; CVP: central venous pressure; HR: heart rate; SAT: saturation; PCO2: carbon dioxide tension; PO2: oxygen tension.