Most frequent adverse events observed in the study

Subjects n171617
Number of participants with any event9 (53)11 (69)13 (76)
Number of participants with a drug-related event2 (12)2 (13)4 (24)
Most common adverse events: (adverse events occurring in ≥2 participants in any treatment group)
 Headache3 (18)7 (44)8 (47)
 Diarrhoea2 (12)1 (6)3 (18)
 Fatigue1 (6)2 (13)3 (18)
 Oropharyngeal pain2 (12)02 (12)

Data expressed as n (%) unless otherwise noted. Note: Adverse events were assigned to a treatment group based on the start date of the adverse events in relation to the study treatment period. Adverse events that started during the washout period were assigned to the Period 1 treatment group.