Unadjusted and adjusted associations with undernutrition in children and adults in the South Africa Cystic Fibrosis Registry, 2018

Undernutrition# (n=398)
Univariable analysisMultivariable analysis (n=190)
nUnadjusted OR (95% CI)p-valueAdjusted OR (95% CI)p-value
WAZ ≤1.0 at diagnosis (ref: ≥−1)2702.18 (1.07–4.44)0.024*Excluded to preserve n due to large % missing
Current age (unit: 10 years)3980.82 (0.66–1.01)0.0620.96 (0.76–1.21)0.698
P.Phe508del (ref neither record)
 Homozygous3980.50 (0.27–0.92)0.043NS
 Heterozygous3980.85 (0.46–1.58)
3120+1G>A hetero/homozygous3982.55 (1.42–4.58)0.002*1.32 (0.66–2.68)0.438
Caucasian (ref: other ancestry)3980.35 (0.22–0.57)<0.001*0.56 (0.28–1.12)0.100
Receiving social welfare grant (ref: no)3982.99 (1.70–5.25)<0.001*1.81 (0.92–3.57)0.088
Private health insurance (ref: no)3980.46 (0.28–0.73)<0.001*0.87 (0.46–1.63)0.661
Ever had MRSA (ref: no)3511.86 (0.80–4.35)0.165NS
Chronic MRSA (ref: no)2552.31 (0.77–6.94)0.145NS
Chronic P. aeruginosa (ref: no)2561.76 (1.00–3.12)0.050NS

NS: nonsignificant; WAZ: weight-for-age; MRSA: methicillin-resistant S. aureus; WHZ: weight-for-height z-score; BMIZ: body mass index z-score. #Undernutrition includes: WHZ ≤1.0, <2 years age; BMIZ ≤1.0, 2–17 years; or BMI<18.5 kg·m−2, ≥18 years. All variables with unadjusted p-values <0.2 in the univariable analyses are tabulated. Refer to supplementary table S4 for full set of univariable results. *Unadjusted p-values are shown; indicated variables had adjusted p-values<0.2 using Holm's method and were thus included in the multivariable regression model.