Stepwise linear regression showing predictors of blood pressure dip (%), r square 0.235, and stepwise logistic regression showing predictors of a non-dipping status, r square 0.098

VariableB(95%CI)Standardised βp value
Stepwise linear regression
 ODI−0.136 (−0.182– −0.09)−0.3510.005
 Smoking pack-years−0.216 (−0.131– −0.301)−0.3050.014
Stepwise logistic regression
 ODI1.047 (1.001–1.095)0.0460.045

Independent variables AHI, ODI, age, BMI, smoking pack-years, Min SpO2, HOMA. AHI: apnoea–hypopnoea index; ODI: oxygen desaturation index; BMI: body mass index; Min SpO2: minimum oxygen saturations; HOMA: homeostasis model assessment.