Total cohort blood pressure measurements stratified by obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) severity quartiles

VariableTotal cohortQuartile 1Quartile 2Quartile 3Quartile 4p-value
ABPM day systolic121±9120±9121±9120±9122±70.851
ABPM day diastolic74±973±874±771±1377±70.355
ABPM night systolic112±10107±10108±9113±9119±7#,¶0.001
ABPM night diastolic66±861±965±869±968±60.039
ABPM % dip7.3±7.711.0±6.09.3±7.25.4±9.23.2±5.9#0.012
% non-dippers66565963880.216
% below daytime value of 135/85 mmHg929410088880.464
% below night-time value of 120/70 mmHg69757769560.621

Values represent mean±sd or per cent of total. ABPM: Ambulatory blood pressure monitor. #p<0.05 versus AHI quartile 1; p<0.05 versus AHI quartile 2.