The mean values of experiments on blood samples from 20 healthy individuals and 20 lung cancer patients expressed as OTM and % tail DNA

TreatmentsHealthy individualsLung cancer patients
% tail DNAMean OTM±sem% tail DNAMean OTM±sem
Untreated cells (NC)8.257±0.321.367±0.0510.97±0.522.18±0.15
PC-75 µM H2O215.61±0.83***3.25±0.34***15.69±0.71***3.32±0.2***
Blank liposome9.76±0.43 NS1.57±0.12 NS9.87±0.29 NS1.71±0.08 NS
IFN-γ 100 U·mL−17.73±0.31 NS1.26±0.06 NS8.42±0.32***1.38±0.07***
IFN-γ liposome6.70±0.24 NS1.05±0.05 NS6.65±0.34***1.07±0.07***
IFN-γ liposome+H2O28.53±0.36 NS1.41±0.08 NS8.61±0.38***1.49±0.09**
IFN-γ 100 U·mL−1+H2O28.67±0.33 NS1.45±0.06 NS8.87±0.29*1.54±0.06*
  • OTM: olive tail moment; NC: nucleated cell; PC: positive control; IFN: interferon; ns: nonsignificant. *: p<0.05; **: p<0.01; ***: p<0.001.