Univariate and multivariable linear regression results describing associations between baseline psychological variables and the physical functioning subscale from the SF-36 Health-related Quality of Life Questionnaire

CoefficientStandard errorp-value
Univariate analysis
  HADS total−1.810.41<0.0001#
  HADS anxiety−2.080.710.0007#
  HADS depression−3.510.77<0.0001#
  State anxiety−0.990.470.0393#
  Trait anxiety−0.800.220.0007#
  Emotional preoccupation−1.120.460.0187#
  Search for social support0.540.650.4160
  Internal locus of control0.740.570.2005
  External locus of control
   Powerful others−1.480.970.1342#
Multivariate analysis
 HADS depression−3.260.790.0001

HADS: Hospital Anxiety Depression Scale; STAI-Y: State-Trait Anxiety Inventory Form Y; CHIP: Coping with Health Injuries and Problems; WCC: Ways of coping Checklist; SSQ6: Social Support Questionnaire-6; MHLC-C: Multidimensional Health Locus of Control. Bold indicates significance. #: variables with a univariate p<0.15 were retained for multivariable analysis.