Intrasession variability characteristics for MasterScreen and HypAir

Measurement error#RepeatabilityCV %ICCMeasurement error#RepeatabilityCV %ICC
DLNO mL·min−1·mmHg−16.7618.734.890.972 (0.952–0.985)5.9716.524.050.962 (0.934–0.979)
DLCO mL·min−1·mmHg− (0.975–0.992)0.972.703.380.981 (0.968–0.990)
VA L0.110.301.770.995 (0.992–0.997)0.110.311.790.993 (0.987–0.996)

Data were measured at a target breath-hold time of 5 s. CV: coefficient of variation; ICC: intraclass correlation coefficient; DLNO: diffusing capacity of the lung for NO; DLCO: diffusing capacity of the lung for CO; VA: alveolar volume. #: the measurement error (or within-subject standard deviation, SDws) was calculated by the root mean square method; : repeatability of gas diffusing measurements was calculated as the SDws from all three single-breath tests separately and multiplied by 2.77 (95% level of confidence).