Change in variables between baseline and the final data cut-off

Patients with available dataBaselineFinal data cut-offp-values
Haemodynamic parameters
 CVP, mmHg197.8±5.28.9±2.70.400
 Systolic PAP, mmHg1985.4±17.583.2±24.20.686
 Diastolic PAP, mmHg1931.8±7.034.4±9.30.154
 Mean PAP, mmHg2050.2±9.851.3±13.70.677
 PAWP, mmHg198 (1–10)12 (10–15)0.03
 Cardiac output, L·min−1193.0±0.94.0±1.0<0.001
 Cardiac index, L·min−1·m−2191.7±0.42.4±0.5<0.001
 PVR, dyn·s·cm–5191232±462835±348<0.001
SvO2, %1363.0±11.360.5±10.60.399
 RV transverse diameter, mm1643.9±7.447.1±8.10.110
 LV transverse diameter, mm1229 (23–32)39 (34–44)0.034
 Thickness of RVAW, mm96.3±1.46.8±1.60.377
 Amplitude of RVAW motion, mm53.8±2.53.8±1.50.959
 MPA diameter, mm1530.4±3.837.2±9.80.013
 TRV, m·s−1164.5±0.54.5±0.80.865
 Estimated systolic PAP, mmHg1591.6±17.699.4±26.00.306

Data are presented as n, mean±sd or median (interquartile range), unless otherwise stated. CVP: central venous pressure; PAP: pulmonary artery pressure; PAWP: pulmonary artery wedge pressure; PVR: pulmonary vascular resistance; SvO2: mixed venous oxygen saturation; RV: right ventricle; LV: left ventricle; RV/LV: the ratio of right ventricle to left ventricle dimension; RVAW: right ventricular anterior wall; MPA: main pulmonary artery; TRV: tricuspid regurgitation velocity.