Lung function at presentation and after 1 year of noninvasive ventilation (NIV)

At presentationAfter 1year of NIVp-value
Seated VC (L)1.7±1.22.1±0.9<0.001
Seated VC (% pred)49±0.1760±0.2<0.001
Supine VC (L)1.1±0.91.8±1<0.001
Fall in VC seated to supine (% seated)42±0.1629±0.17<0.001
MEP (cmH20)103±8132±70.14
MEP (% pred)84±496±60.19
MIP (cmH20)34±1050±80.27
MIP (% pred)32±563±50.31
SNIP (cmH20)29±547.5±7<0.001
SNIP (% pred)28±342±2<0.001
MEP/MIP ratio3±1.22.6±1.4<0.001
MEP/SNIP ratio3.5±1.92.9±1.7<0.001

Data are presented as mean±sd, unless otherwise stated. VC: vital capacity; MEP: maximal expiratory pressure; MIP: maximal inspiratory pressure; SNIP: sniff nasal inspiratory pressure.