Baseline demographic and clinical characteristics

MRI-guided BTStandard BTp-value#
Subjects n57
Age years49±1242±140.44
Female sex4 (80)5 (71)ND
BMI kg·m−233±929±50.39
BMI ≥30 kg·m−23 (60)5 (71)ND
Smoking history1 (20)2 (29)ND
Blood eosinophils ×109 per L0.3 (0.0–0.6)0.2 (0.0–0.7)0.86
Sputum eosinophils %0.7 (0.0–1.5)0.2 (0.0–4.3)+0.90
ACQ-5 score2.8±1.12.7±1.10.88
AQLQ score3.4±1.64.0±1.10.48
FEV1 pre-BD % pred44±883±230.005
FEV1 post-BD % pred63±1392±220.03
Reversibility of FEV1 %51 (6–87)11 (-3–35)0.04
FEV1/FVC post-BD %63±1476±130.12
MRI VDP pre-BD11±913±170.76
MRI VDP post-BD6±68±110.76
Asthma medications
 ICS dose µg·day−1§1500 (1000–4000)1000 (500–2000)0.27
 OCS dose mg·day−10 (0–20)0 (0–25)0.84
 OCS dependent1 (20)2 (29)ND
 Monoclonal antibody3 (60)1 (14)ND
 LABA5 (100)7 (100)ND
 LAMA3 (60)3 (43)ND
 LTRA3 (60)4 (57)ND

Data are presented as mean±sd, median (minimum–maximum) or n (%), unless otherwise indicated. Bold text signifies a statistically significant difference. MRI: magnetic resonance imaging; BT: bronchial thermoplasty; ND: not determined; BMI: body mass index; ACQ-5: five-item Asthma Control Questionnaire; AQLQ: Asthma Quality of Life Questionnaire; FEV1: forced expiratory volume in 1 s; BD: bronchodilator; FVC: forced vital capacity; VDP: ventilation defect per cent; ICS: inhaled corticosteroid; OCS: oral corticosteroid; LABA: long-acting β-agonist; LAMA: long-acting muscarinic antagonist; LTRA: leukotriene receptor antagonist. #: significance of difference (p<0.05) between groups determined using an unpaired t-test for parametric data or Mann–Whitney test for nonparametric data; : n=4; +: n=6; §: fluticasone or equivalent.