Pre-treatment cough data

Coughs per hourNumber of daytime coughsDaytime coughs per hNumber of overnight coughsOvernight coughs per h
Chronic cough (n=97)11.7±1.1215.6±2.512.1±2.822.1±4.74.2±4.6
ILO (n=46)7.5±2.7148.6±2.47.9±2.618.3±4.92.9±4.7
Asthma (n=20)9.5±2.9167.0±2.910.7±2.924.4±3.24.6±2.9
Healthy controls (n=13)2.4±2.0

The participant numbers refer to the number of recordings available rather than the participant numbers. Data are expressed as GEM±GSD. GEM: geometric mean; GSD: geometric standard deviation; ILO: inducible laryngeal obstruction.