Change in measures that met responsiveness criteria over 60 weeks by health transition question (SF2) categorical responses in patients with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis in the Prednisone, Azathioprine, and N-Acetylcysteine: A Study That Evaluates Response in Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (PANTHER-IPF) trial

SF2 response at 60-week follow-upAUC (95% CI)
Much betterSomewhat betterAbout the sameSomewhat worse#Much worse
Subjects n11321017410
Physiological measures
 ΔSF-36 physical component score+8.00±11.57−0.92±6.26−0.06±5.72−6.79±8.07−5.29±9.260.75 (0.67–0.83)
Subjective measures
 ΔTotal SGRQ score§−13.70±14.55−0.97±9.601.35±9.1810.95±13.1925.86±17.460.71 (0.63–0.79)
 ΔUCSD SOBQ total score−4.45±11.793.19±9.600.59±12.8111.38±15.3134.90±23.650.72 (0.65–0.80)

Data are presented as mean±sd, unless otherwise stated. AUC: area under the curve; Δ: absolute change over 60 weeks; SF-36: 36-Item Short-Form Health Survey; SGRQ: St George's Respiratory Questionnaire; UCSD SOBQ: University of California, San Diego Shortness of Breath Questionnaire. #: the mean change in scores in the “somewhat worse” category is the minimal clinically important difference value for measures that meet the responsiveness criteria; : receiver operating curve comparing dichotomous health transition question (SF2) response (“about the same” versus “somewhat worse”) with mean change score of variable; +: missing n=5 (0 “much better”, 1 “somewhat better”, 4 “about the same”, 0 “somewhat worse”, 0 “much worse”); §: missing n=13 (0 “much better”, 2 “somewhat better”, 8 “about the same”, 3 “somewhat worse”, 0 “much worse”).