Unadjusted p-values from comparisons of the proportion of bronchodilator responsiveness within groups, measured by change in (Δ) reactance of the respiratory system measured at 6 Hz (Xrs6) parameters versus change in forced expiratory volume in 1 s, in healthy but symptomatic (Symp), smoking, asthmatic and COPD groups

HealthySymp (n=126)SmokersAsym (n=159)SmokersSymp (n=115)Asthma (n=122)COPD (n=46)
ΔXrs6 (abs)0.012*0.001*0.1080.6780.077
ΔXrs6 (Z-score)0.0390.0350.0780.6480.774
ΔXrs6,insp (abs)0.012*0.0350.023*0.8240.549
ΔEFLi (abs)0.003*0.0003*0.0430.5560.118

Asym: asymptomatic; abs: absolute; insp: inspiratory; EFLi: expiratory flow limitation index. Comparisons were by McNemar tests. *: significant p-values after Benjamini–Hochberg adjustment for multiple comparisons, using α=0.10 (10% false discovery rate).