Independent predictors for connective tissue disease (CTD) diagnosis in interstitial lung disease (ILD) identified by exploratory multivariable regression

Predictors#Adjusted OR95% CIp-value
  • A) Including CTD manifestations

Any CTD manifestation62.8413.93–283.40<0.001
  • B) Excluding CTD manifestations

Positive ENA11.591.80–74.550.010
Low capillary density5.661.32–24.200.019

A) Independent predictors for CTD diagnosis in ILD respective to retained nailfold characteristics, clinical, serological and radiological variables. B) Independent predictors for CTD diagnosis in ILD excluding CTD manifestations, respective to remaining nailfold characteristics, serological and radiological variables. ENA: extractable nuclear antibodies. #: all retained variables in initial multivariable regression shown in supplementary table S8; : adjusted for age, sex, smoking, FVC%, treatment and pulmonary hypertension.