Percentage of positive bronchodilator responses for resistance and reactance of the respiratory system, and spirometry parameters, for each of the clinical groups

HealthyAsym (n=577)HealthySymp (n=126)SmokersAsym (n=159)SmokersSymp (n=115)Asthma (n=122)COPD (n=46)
ΔRrs6 (abs)*17.4#
ΔRrs6 (%)*10.9
ΔRrs6 (Z-score)*13.1*10.9
ΔRrs6,insp (abs)*21.7*
ΔRrs6,insp (%)*10.9
ΔXrs6 (abs)4.97.911.9*17.4*19.7*47.8
ΔXrs6 (Z-score)*14.8*26.1+
Δ Xrs6,insp (abs)*§18.9*37.0+
ΔEFLi (abs)4.99.513.2*19.1*13.9*45.7
ΔFEV1 (%)ƒ
ΔFVC (%)

Asym: asymptomatic; Symp: symptomatic; Δ: post-bronchodilator minus pre-bronchodilator change; Rrs6: resistance of the respiratory system measured at 6 Hz; abs: absolute; insp: inspiratory; Xrs6: reactance of the respiratory system measured at 6 Hz; EFLi: expiratory flow limitation index; FEV1: forced expiratory volume in 1 s; FVC: forced vital capacity. *: p<0.05 compared with HealthyAsym only (Z-test with Bonferroni correction); #: p<0.05 compared with HealthyAsym and HealthySymp; : p<0.05 compared with all other groups.

+: p<0.05 compared with HealthyAsym, HealthySymp and SmokersAsym; §: p<0.05 compared with SmokersAsym; ƒ: p<0.05 compared with HealthyAsym, HealthySymp, SmokersAsym and asthma.