Adjusted association between asthma and severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) positive test

Percentage of positive tests (n/N)OR (95% CI) for a positive testp-value
Ever asthma
 No16.6 (15 347/91 977)Ref
 Yes16.9 (2539/14 988)0.97 (0.92–1.02)0.28
Asthma onset
 No asthma16.6 (15 347/91 977)Ref
 Early-onset (<13 years)16.2 (887/5469)0.91 (0.84–0.99)0.03
 Late onset (≥13 years)17.3 (1652/9519)1.00 (0.94–1.07)0.87

Adjusted for age at recruitment, sex and baseline measures of: education, average household income, smoking history, BMI, ethnicity, white blood cell count, eosinophil count, close to major road and greenspaces buffer. Bold values indicate p-value <0.05.