Effect sizes of the secondary outcomes of the intervention

MeasurePhase 1Phase 2
F timeF groupF int.F timeF groupF int.
Physical capacity and activity
 6MWD (m)
 6MWD (% predicted)0.250.460.701.230.390.29
 SPPB total score (0–12)
 Sedentary time (h·day−1)
 Standing time (h·day−1)0.600.
 Stepping time (h·day−1)0.351.
 Sedentary breaks (number·day−1)9.14**0.430.500.052.170.18
 Sedentary bouts (>30 min) (number·day−1)0.421.290.030.992.210.99
 High-intensity PA2.450.
Dietary quality
Cognitive stress susceptibility and perception
 AUC (CAR) (arbitrary units)
 Delta (SECPT) (μmol·L−1)6.05**
 Perceived Stress Scale0.522.410.102.552.271.05
Healthy lifestyle goal recall
 Procedure recall (0–4)0.001.631.02
 Content recall (0–2)

All data expressed as F-values. 6MWD: 6-min walk distance; SPPB: Short Physical Performance Battery; PA: physical activity; AHEI: Alternative Healthy Eating Index; AUC: area under the curve; CAR: cortisol awakening response; SECPT: socially evaluated cold pressor test; —: not taken. *p<0.05. **p<0.01.