Effect sizes of the primary (Cambridge Neuropsychological Test Automated Battery, CANTAB) outcome measures

TestMeasurePhase 1Phase 2
F timeF groupF int.F timeF groupF int.
MOTMean latency (ms)0.210.350.840.440.090.36
PALTotal errors (n)1.230.313.794.63*0.350.88
Adjusted total errors (n)3.791.090.300.680.670.01
First attempt memory score0.580.451.161.820.672.32
SSTStop-signal reaction time (ms)0.044.76*0.392.884.41*0.78
RTIMedian simple reaction time (ms)1.961.300.007.53**2.470.26
Mean simple movement time (ms)2.610.423.732.961.200.02
Median five-choice reaction time (ms)0.880.002.479.13**0.770.27
Mean five-choice movement time (ms)*
DMSCorrect responses (%)
Median correct latency (ms)2.110.630.
Probability of error given error (%)0.130.514.63*
SWMBetween-errors (n)
Between-errors 4 boxes (n)0.140.520.
Between-errors 6 boxes (n)0.100.410.141.281.831.87
Between-errors 8 boxes (n)

int.: interaction; MOT: motor orientation task; PAL: paired associates learning; SST: stop-signal task; RTI: reaction time task; DMS: delayed match-to-sample; SWM: spatial working memory. All data expressed as F-values. *p<0.05. **p<0.01.