Adverse events of bronchoscopy and bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL)

Non-BAL groupBAL groupnp-value
Subjects n96107
Midazolam dose mg·kg−1 (mean±sd)0.397±0.2310.264±0.0912191<0.001
During bronchoscopy
 Length of sedation min (mean±sd)10.8±3.6111.4±5.272030.41
 Poor bronchoscopy tolerance#7 (7.7)15 (15)220.1
After bronchoscopy
 Fever19 (20)13 (12)320.14
 Bronchospasm13 (14)8 (7.5)210.16
 Oxygen requirement18 (19)9 (8.4)270.03
 ≥1 night hospitalisation15 (16)7 (6.5)220.038

Data are presented as n (%) unless otherwise stated. #: during the bronchoscopy (hypoxia, significant cough, problems related to midazolam adverse side-effects). Significant p-values appear in bold.