Characteristics of the study patients and lung function from spirometry showing the highest reversibility at the diagnostic phase in steroid-naïve patients

CharacteristicsStudy patients (N=219)
Age, years47±15
Age of asthma onset, years47±15
Female126 (57.5%)
BMI, kg·m-227.1 (24.0–30.4)
Height, cm170±10
Smoking history113 (51.6%)
Current smokers45 (20.5%)
Pack-years#15 (5–22)
Atopy67 (34.3%)
Blood eosinophils ×109 per L0.25 (0.17–0.40)
Total IgE, kU·L−180 (34–170)
Pre-BD FEV1, L2.77±0.89
Pre-BD FEV1, % predicted78±17
Post-BD FEV1, L3.06±0.95
Post-BD FEV1, % predicted86±17
Pre-BD FVC, L3.74±1.11
Pre-BD FVC, % predicted87±16
Post-BD FVC, L3.95±1.12
Post-BD FVC, % predicted92±16
Pre-BD FEV1/FVC0.75 (0.68–0.81)
Post-BD FEV1/FVC0.79 (0.72–0.84)

Data are presented as mean±sd, n (%) or median (interquartile range). BMI: body mass index; Ig: immunoglobulin; FEV1: forced expiratory volume in 1 s; BD: bronchodilator; FVC: forced vital capacity. #: Among those with any smoking history. : At least one positive skin prick test for common allergens.