Use of Newcastle–Ottawa tool to assess the quality of cohort studies

StudyRepresentativeness of exposed cohortSelection of non-exposed cohortAscertainment of all-causeOutcome not present at the start of studyComparability of cohortAssessment of outcomeAdequate follow-up durationAdequate follow-up rateScoreQuality
Russell et al. (2016) [31]101120117Good
Johannson et al. (2017) [20]101111117Good
Veit et al. (2020) [32]101121118Good
Edwards et al. (2020) [39]001121117Good
Moor et al. (2019) [45]101101116Fair
Moor et al. (2018) [40]101121118Good
Moor et al. (2020) [46]101101116Fair
Broos et al. (2017) [41]101121118Good
Marcoux et al. (2019) [28]101121118Good
Noth et al. (2021) [43]111121119Good
Moor et al. (2020) [42]101121118Good