Summary of task success rate, time from setup to results and user satisfaction by participant

ParticipantEffectiveness (i.e. pass rate)
Task 1PPPPPPPPP9/9 (100%)
Task 2PHPHPPPPPPP9/9 (100%)
Task 3PHPHPPPPPPP9/9 (100%)
Task 4FPHPPPPPPP8/9 (89%)
Efficiency#, min403630302623292622
User satisfaction244455454

Task 1: setup (place blood tube on eHub, place eStick in eHub, add processing tube on eHub); task 2: load sample (add buffer to processing tube, remove plasma from blood tube, add plasma to processing tube, mix plasma and buffer in processing tube); task 3: run test (add test sample to eStick port); task 4: process results (enter and track data in software). P: pass; F: fail; PH: pass with hint; #: mean time from setup to results; : Likert scale, 1=very unsatisfied, 2=unsatisfied, 3=neutral, 4=satisfied, 5=very satisfied.