Summary of consensus on protection measures of lung function staff

Test typeFilterMask#Apron/GownGoggles/shields
Lung function tests include: spirometry, lung volumes methods, DLCO+FFP2/N95++
Bronchodilator administration pMDI, DPIFFP2/N95++
Bronchodilator administration (Neb) (filter on expiratory port)+FFP3/ N99++
Bronchial challenge testing (BCT) All types Ideally negative pressure room+FFP3/ N99++
Dosimeter/nebuliser BCT (filter on expiratory port of device)+FFP3/ N99++
CPET ideally negative pressure roomFFP3/N99++
FENO use in-circuit filter+FFP2/N95++
Nasal NO use in-circuit filter+FFP2/N95
Capnography use in-circuit filterFFP2/N95++
SNIFF testFFP2/N95++

Personal protective equipment requirements apply to all phases of the COVID-19 pandemic. DLCO: diffusing capacity of the lung for carbon monoxide; pMDI: pressured metered-dose inhaler; DPI: dry powder inhalers; Neb: nebuliser; CPET: cardiopulmonary exercise testing; 6MWT: 6-min walk test; FOT: forced oscillation technique; FENO: exhaled nitric oxide; MIPs: maximal inspiratory pressures; MEPs: maximal expiratory pressures; +: required; −: not required. #: based on risk assessment and local recommendations. Gowns/aprons, gloves and eye protection as recommended by the World Health Organization [65].