Univariate and multivariate regression analyses for risk factors of having HbA1c ≥39 mmol·mol−1 at the time of tuberculosis (TB) diagnosis

Risk factorCrude analysisMultivariate analysis#
OR (95% CI)p-valueOR (95% CI)p-value
  ≤40 years1 (ref.)1 (ref.)
  >40 years6.3 (2.2–22.8)0.0025.6 (1.9–20.9)0.004
 Female1 (ref.)1 (ref.)
 Male5.4 (2.0–17.2)0.0024.6 (1.7–14.9)0.006
Substance use
 No history of excessive alcohol intake1 (ref.)1 (ref.)
 History of excessive alcohol intake2.4 (1.0–5.6)0.0442.0 (1.0–5.1)0.138
 No history of smoking1 (ref.)1 (ref.)
 Previous or current smoker1.7 (0.7–4.4)0.2710.6 (0.2–1.9)0.396
 No history of drug use1 (ref.)1 (ref.)
 History of drug use1.0 (0.4–2.4)0.9941.1 (0.4–3.1)0.862
Region of origin
 Denmark1 (ref.)1 (ref.)
 Greenland1.9 (0.6–5.6)0.2433.6 (1.0–14.6)0.056
 Immigrant1.3 (0.6–3.2)0.4955.9 (1.7–24.2)0.009
Disease presentation
 Pulmonary TB1 (ref.)1 (ref.)
 Extra-pulmonary TB0.2 (0.0–1.1)0.1230.3 (0.0–1.7)0.234
 Disseminated TB+7.5 (1.6–54.0)0.01710.6 (1.8–91.5)0.013
 No cavitations§1 (ref.)1 (ref.)
 Cavitations§4.8 (1.8–13.3)0.0025.3 (1.8–17.2)0.003

#: adjusted for age and sex, not including the measured risk factor; : all patients not born in Denmark or Greenland; +: more than one TB location, including military TB; §: in patients with pulmonary TB.