Longitudinal analyses of cannabis and tobacco use between ages 38 and 45 years with pre-bronchodilator impulse oscillometry (IOS) measures for the whole sample

Participants (n)864864864862856857
Joint-years 38–45 years
 β (95% CI)0.078 (0.023–0.132)0.060 (−0.002–0.121)0.043 (−0.014–0.100)0.059 (0.003–0.114)0.076 (0.023–0.129)0.091 (0.037–0.145)
Pack-years 38–45 years
 β (95% CI)0.017 (−0.038–0.072)−0.004 (−0.066–0.058)0.044 (−0.014–0.101)0.048 (−0.009–0.104)0.037 (−0.016–0.091)0.015 (−0.040–0.069)

All IOS measures are log-transformed. Analyses are adjusted for use of both substances and also adjusted for sex, body mass index, height and the relevant IOS measure at age 38 years (e.g. resistance at 5 Hz (R5) at 38 years is the adjustment for age 45 years R5); bolded values are statistically significant. β-values are standardised regression coefficients, which represent the standard deviation difference in IOS measure associated with each standard deviation change in joint- or pack-years. R20: resistance at 20 Hz; R5R20: difference between R5 and R20; X5: reactance at 5 Hz; AX: area under the reactance curve between 5 Hz and resonant frequency (fres).