Adjusted associations of cannabis and tobacco with pre-bronchodilator impulse oscillometry (IOS) measures for the whole sample

Participants (n)877877877876868870
 β (95% CI)0.104 (0.033–0.175)0.073 (−0.001–0.148)0.086 (0.013–0.158)0.110 (0.039–0.174)0.130 (0.060–0.200)0.133 (0.062–0.204)
 β (95% CI)0.042 (−0.029–0.113)0.003 (−0.072–0.077)0.076 (0.004–0.149)0.041 (−0.027–0.108)0.052 (−0.018–0.123)0.047 (−0.025–0.119)
Interaction term# (p-value)0.0310.1310.0340.0620.0340.054

All IOS measures are log-transformed and analyses are adjusted for use of both substances and also adjusted for sex, body mass index and height. Bolded values are statistically significant. β-values are standardised regression coefficients, which represent the standard deviation difference in IOS measure associated with each standard deviation change in joint- or pack-years. R5: resistance at 5 Hz; R20: resistance at 20 Hz; R5R20: difference between R5 and R20; X5: reactance at 5 Hz; AX: area under the reactance curve between 5 Hz and resonant frequency (fres). #: interaction term p-values are for joint-years by sex in the adjusted model for each IOS measure tested for after the adjusted model was run.