Patient characteristics and lung function

Female/male239/166 (59/41)71/83 (46/54)0.006
Age, years62±866±6<0.001
Weight, kg77±1677±150.99
Height, cm170±9171±90.025
Smoking status, never-/former/current smoker76/145/1845/92/57<0.001
Smoking, pack-years22±1836±20<0.001
GOLD stage 1/2/3/4NA23/96/31/4NA
Lung function
 FEV1, L2.85±0.711.87±0.64<0.001
 FEV1, % pred97±1363±17<0.001
 FVC, L3.40±0.853.19±1.020.023
 FVC, % pred91±1283±19<0.001
 RV, % pred116±21150±45<0.001
 TLC, % pred102±11106±170.003
DLCO, % pred93±1666±20<0.001
VA, % pred96±1691±13<0.001
DLCO/VA, % pred97±1572±20<0.001
R5, kPa·s·L−10.31±0.110.41±0.17<0.001
R20, kPa·s·L−10.24±0.080.28±0.09<0.001
R5R20, kPa·s·L−10.07±0.050.13±0.10<0.001
X5, kPa·s·L−1−0.09±0.05−0.18±0.13<0.001
 AX, kPa·s·L−10.34±0.391.13±1.33<0.001

Data are presented as n, n (%) or mean±sd, unless otherwise stated. Significant differences are depicted in bold. Categorical data were analysed using the Chi-squared test and numeric data were analysed with the t-test. GOLD: Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease; FEV1: forced expiratory volume in 1 s; FVC: forced vital capacity; RV: residual volume; TLC: total lung capacity; DLCO: diffusing lung capacity of the lung for carbon monoxide; VA: alveolar volume; R5: resistance at 5 Hz; R20: resistance at 20 Hz; X5: reactance at 5 Hz; AX: reactance area; NA: not applicable.