Satisfaction scores with types of change in biologic care and asthma control

n (%)Satisfaction with careSatisfaction with changes in careEffect on asthma control attributed to changes in biologic treatment
All patients on biologics (n=709)
No change542 (76)4.40±0.59#
Change167 (24)3.93±0.68#3.72±1.081.90±0.88
Type of change reported (n=167)
Switch to home administration153 (92)3.96±0.673.90±0.871.76±0.74
Treatment less frequent4 (2)4.05±0.463.83±0.532.22±1.57
Treatment postponed7 (4)3.63±0.843.92±1.022.05±0.83
Treatment stopped3 (2)3.04±0.333.17±0.293.22±0.69

Data presented as mean±sd, unless otherwise stated. Patient-reported changes in biologic care during the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic and associated levels of satisfaction with care and changes in care, and patient-perceived effect on asthma control. Higher satisfaction scores indicate better satisfaction (range 1–5, 1=very low satisfaction and 5=very high satisfaction); higher asthma control scores indicate greater agreement with a statement that changes in biologic care induced worsening of asthma control (range 1–5, 1=strongly disagree and 5=strongly agree). Data of 709 patients on biologics; 26 did not complete the questions concerning satisfaction with care. #: t (674)=8.47, p<0.001, d=0.72.