Demographics for the incident sleep apnoea cohort at the time of sleep apnoea diagnosis, matched control population and total adult population using healthcare services in 2017 (i.e. the general population)

PopulationMaleAge, years (mean)Age 18–65yearsAge 65–74 yearsAge ≥75 yearsMultimorbidity (≥2 chronic diseases)
Incident sleep apnoea
 All25 32464.257.268.822.78.663.3
 Male16 26356.370.621.67.858.3
Matched controls
 All25 32464.257.268.822.78.661.6
 Male16 26356.370.621.67.856.5
General population3 223 39942.952.167.717.115.2538.1

Data are presented as n or %.