Timeline of data collection

Demographics (age, sex, BMI, patient-reported medical comorbidity and medication use, patient-reported psychological comorbidity,+ residence location by postal code and education level, household income, regular bed partner)X
Funding source for PAP (government, private insurance or out-of-pocket)X
Sleep study (REI, AHI, ODI, nocturnal SpO2)§X
PAP adherence (machine download)X
Epworth Sleepiness ScaleXX
Visit-Specific Satisfaction InstrumentXX
Sleep Apnea Quality of Life IndexXX
Patient Activation MeasureXX
Self-Efficacy Measure for Sleep ApneaXX
Focus groupX

BMI: body mass index; PAP: positive airway pressure; REI: respiratory event index; AHI: apnoea–hypopnoea index; ODI: oxygen desaturation index; nocturnal SpO2: mean and nadir nocturnal oxygen saturation. #: baseline data will be collected from consenting patients at the time of initial visit; : follow-up data will be collected after 3 months of treatment with PAP; +: including claustrophobia, depression and/or anxiety; §: if a patient undergoes polysomnography, OSA severity will be reported from the home sleep apnoea test, and we will report the number of patients undergoing polysomnography.