Predictors of taking adherence

Predictor of dosing adherenceCoefficient (dimensionless)p-value
Univariate analyses
 Individual predictors measured only at baseline
  Marital status−0.230.85
  Health literacy0.001
 Individual predictors measured longitudinally with time as covariate
  Intention to be adherent−1.890.52
  Number of side-effects reported−0.550.57
  Self-reported omission of pirfenidone−1.410.02*
  TimeNot converged
  Barriers to adherence−0.430.43
  Knowledge about pirfenidone2.120.03*
Prediction models (multivariate analyses)
 Model with predictors measured only at baseline
  Marital status−0.370.78
  Health literacy0.010.99
 Model with predictors measured longitudinally
  Intention to be adherentNot selected
  Number of side-effects reportedNot selected
  Self-reported omission of pirfenidone−1.600.02*
  Barriers to adherenceNot selected
  Knowledge about pirfenidoneNot selected

The variables which were not selected did not sufficiently improve the quality of the model. *: significance at the 0.05 level.