Demographics and main diagnosis at discharge of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients requiring acute hospitalisation during the study period due to any cause, by hospital service attending them (n=21007#)

Pulmonology (n=5 319 (20.1%))Internal medicine (n=12 637 (47.8%))Geriatric (n=3051 (11.5%))
 Age, years72.2 (71.9–72.5)78.1 (77.9–78.3)87.4 (87.3–87.6)
Main diagnosis
 Respiratory infection48.159.149.6
 Heart failure21.045.553.4
 Atrial fibrillation8.517.420.9
 Chronic respiratory failure20.613.212.6

Data are presented as mean (95% CI) or %, unless otherwise stated. #: the other 5446 (20.6%) patients were hospitalised in other departments due to diseases unrelated to COPD (not shown due to the very long list of potential diagnoses).