Subset analysis for the associations between clinical features and immune-related adverse events (IRAEs): grade 3–5 IRAEs versus no IRAEs

OR (90% CI)p-value
FV: positive versus negative (reference)0.46 (0.26–0.84)0.016*
Race: White versus non-White (reference)2.70 (0.79–9.25)0.092
Gender: male versus female (reference)0.89 (0.48–1.67)0.382
Smoking status: ever versus never (reference)4.97 (0.82–30.18)0.072
Age: <60 versus ≥60 years (reference)0.86 (0.43–1.72)0.357
Trial: yes versus no (reference)0.94 (0.48–1.85)0.439
ICI received:
 PD-L1 versus PD-1 (reference)2.80 (0.91–8.61)0.065
 CTLA-4/CTLA-4 combinations versus PD-1 (reference)2.95 (1.13–7.72)0.032*

FV: influenza vaccination; ICI: immune checkpoint inhibitor; PD-L1: PD-1 ligand 1; PD-1: programmed cell death 1; CTLA-4: cytotoxic T-lymphocyte antigen 4. Harrell's C-statistic=0.691. *: p<0.05.