Associations between clinical features and severe immune-related adverse events (IRAEs) using logistic regression analysis: grade 3–5 IRAEs versus grade 1–2 IRAEs plus no IRAEs#

OR (90% CI)p-value
FV: positive versus negative (reference)0.42 (0.24–0.73)0.005*
Race: White versus non-White (reference)1.94 (0.60–6.25)0.175
Gender: male versus female (reference)0.90 (0.51–1.58)0.378
Smoking status: ever versus never (reference)4.34 (0.73–25.76)0.088
Age: <60 versus ≥60 years (reference)0.99 (0.53–1.85)0.489
Trial: yes versus no (reference)0.78 (0.41–1.46)0.257
ICI received:
 PD-L1 versus PD-1 (reference)2.24 (0.87–5.79)0.081
 CTLA-4/CTLA-4 combinations versus PD-1 (reference)2.89 (1.22–6.87)0.022*

FV: influenza vaccination; ICI: immune checkpoint inhibitor; PD-L1: PD-1 ligand 1; PD-1: programmed cell death 1; CTLA-4: cytotoxic T-lymphocyte antigen 4. #: comparisons made between patients with grade 3–5 IRAEs and patients with no IRAEs plus patients with grade 1–2 IRAEs; : OR 0.45 by elastic-net logistic regression with α=0.5 and OR 0.61 by Bayesian logistic regression with horseshoe prior. Harrell's C-statistic=0.695. *: p<0.05.