The clusters and their defining variables among 1109 subjects with current cough

VariableCluster ACluster Bp-value
Subjects n834275
 1Trigger sum2.47±2.347.08±3.162.39×10−78
 2LCQ physical domain5.38±0.684.21±0.811.02×10−75
 3Number of cough background disorders0.82±0.781.99±0.899.09×10−65
 4LCQ total score16.1±2.4812.5±2.797.12×10−64
 5Dyspnoea with wheezing8.455.03.38×10−61
 6Paints or fumes as a cough trigger19.270.55.03×10−56
 7Current asthma6.446.52.36×10−53
 8LCQ social domain5.63±1.004.38±1.121.47×10−52
 9Automobile exhaust fumes as a cough trigger13.459.34.37×10−52
 10LCQ question 3 (tired because of cough)#5.93±1.074.57±1.362.36×10−48
 23Symptom sum2.32±1.714.13±2.179.67×10−35
 30LCQ question 2 (sputum production when coughing)#4.86±1.843.29±1.782.20×10−30
 40Unexplained cough38.04.01.93×10−26
 46Chronic rhinosinusitis13.941.81.15×10−22
 51Number of doctor's visits due to cough in the past 12 months0.40±1.151.24±2.194.49×10−19
 53Presence of any trigger for cough71.896.71.11×10−17
 56Speaking as a cough trigger16.440.42.98×10−16
 61Family history of chronic cough31.858.02.03×10−14
 70Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease22.343.88.87×10−12
 77Sleep apnoea39.963.44.20×10−11
 85Symptoms of flu at the beginning of the current cough13.930.76.65×10−10
 86Number of cough episodes in the past 12 months4.92±7.907.39±8.981.03×10−9
 105Duration of the cough episode1–5 years (2–12 months to 1–5 years)1–5 years (1–5 years to 5–10 years)1.29×10−5
 107Use of cough medicines in the past 12 months28.242.41.82×10−5
 115Autoimmune disorder18.228.00.0007
 138Body mass index (kg·m−2)27.7±4.528.2±5.40.19
 146Pulmonary fibrosis0.81.80.30
 149Age (years)72.8±5.273.1±5.40.36
 150Current smoking1.82.90.38

Data are presented as either mean±sd, % or median (interquartile range), unless otherwise stated. The 10 most important variables and 23 variables of special interest expressed, in order of importance, as defined by the p-value obtained by Mann–Whitney U-test or Chi-squared test between the clusters. LCQ: Leicester Cough Questionnaire. #: LCQ questions have seven-step scales, from 1 (all of the time) to 7 (none of the time).