Demographic, vital parameters, blood test results and end-points in the study population

VariableObservations, NMean±sd, n (%) or %
Study information
 Patients included in study415
 Patients excluded due to no lung ultrasound film clips available analysis17
 Patients analysed39896
  Site 120150.5
  Site 28220.6
  Site 36917.3
  Site 44611.6
 Age years38767.8±15.8
 Weight kg24278.4±19.7
 Height cm246171.6±10.1
 Sex, female398189 (47.5)
Clinical data
 Systolic blood pressure mmHg386130.7±22.0
 Diastolic blood pressure mmHg38374.5±13.5
 Peripheral oxygen saturation %38795.3±3.3
 Heart rate beats·min−138185.1±18.4
 Respiratory frequency breaths·min−138620.3±5.1
 Supplementary oxygen doses L·min−13641.7±3.3
Biochemical data
 Ferritin μg·L−1175986.0±1183.6
 Haemoglobin mmol·L−13847.7±1.4
 C-reactive protein mg·L−138164±66
 Leukocytes, count ×109 L−13859.0±5.1
 Lymphocytes, count ×109 L−13741.4±1.3
 Monocytes, count ×109 L−12990.6±0.4
 Neutrophils, count ×109 L−13796.7±4.6
 Estimated glomerular filtration rate mL·min−127269.6±23.3
 Carbamide mmol·L−12917.2±5.8
 Creatinine μmol·L−138598.0±92.3
 Natrium mmol·L−1385138.5±4.2
 Potassium mmol·L−13823.8±0.5
 Fibrin D-dimer mg·L−1 (FEU)2632.4±4.6
 Pro-brain natriuretic peptide ng·L−1155706.4±2418.1
 Troponin I (HS) ng·L−175211.0±1120.1
 Troponin T (HS) ng·L−19368.9±349.1
 Glucose mmol·L−12497.4±3.0
 Haemoglobin A1c mmol·mol−116044.5±13.2
PaCO2 kPa2975.0±1.3
PaO2 kPa13210.2±3.1
 Base excess mmol·L−11331.3±4.8
 Hydrogen carbonate mmol·L−130025.2±4.7
 Lactate-arterial mmol·L−12751.5±0.9
Ultrasound equipment
 General Electric's Vivid S60398201 (51)
 General Electric's LogiQ S8398151 (38)
 Sonosite X-porte39846 (12)
 Phased array transducer with cardiography pre-set398201 (51)
 Curvilinear transducer with abdominal pre-set398197 (49)
Outcome data
 COVID-19 positive PCR test398227 (57)
 Overall mortality 30 days after admission39847 (11.8)
 COVID-19-related mortality 30 days after admission39828 (7)
 Admission to intensive care39821 (5.3)
 COVID-19-positive admission to intensive care39819 (4.8)
 Ventilator treatment39818 (4.9)
 COVID-19-positive ventilator treatment care39817 (4.3)
 High-flow oxygen treatment39856 (14)
 COVID-19-positive, high-flow oxygen treatment39851 (12.8)
 Nasal oxygen treatment398159 (43.3)
 COVID-19-positive, nasal oxygen treatment398117 (29.4)

FEU: fibrin-equivalent units; HS: high sensitivity; PaCO2: arterial carbon dioxide tension; PaO2: arterial oxygen tension.