Number of loops and ratio of time to peak tidal expiratory flow (tPTEF) to expiratory time (tE), respiratory rate, tidal volume per kilogram (VT·kg−1) and expiratory volume (VE) per rater for infants where data from tests were saved by all three raters, all infants where data were saved by one rater and data selected by the software

InfantsNumber of loopstPTEF/tERespiratory rate (breaths·min−1)VT·kg−1VE (mL)
All raters
 Rater 15225 (3–53)0.39±0.0867±13.46.4±2.139.1±12.2
 Rater 25226 (3–67)0.41±0.0866±13.16.7±2.140.2±12.2
 Rater 35215 (2–52)0.39±0.0965±13.66.9±2.141.5±12.0
Data saved by one rater
 Rater 15423 (3–53)0.39±0.0867±13.36.3±2.238.4±12.5
 Rater 25625 (1–67)0.43±0.1166±13.06.4±2.238.9±12.9
 Rater 35215 (2–52)0.39±0.0965±13.66.9±2.141.5±12.0
Spiroware568 (1–44)0.52±0.2264±14.45.4±2.029.3±10.2

Data are presented as n, median (range) or mean±sd.