Uni- and multivariate logistic regression analysis of capability to predict primary outcome and secondary outcomes of median focused lung ultrasound (FLUS) score

Univariate logistic regressionMultivariate logistic regression
Relative riskSE95% CIp-valueRelative riskSE95% CIp-value
Mechanical ventilation2.840.751.69–4.77<0.0012.440.771.31–4.520.005
Intensive care unit2.850.731.73–4.71<0.0012.550.761.42–4.60.002
High-flow oxygen treatment2.060.271.59–2.66<0.0011.950.261.5–2.53<0.001
30-day mortality due to COVID-191.770.371.17–2.670.0071.140.290.7–1.880.601
30-day all-cause mortality1.510.241.10––1.510.853

Age, sex, comorbidity and non-high-flow oxygen treatment are included as covariates in the multivariate analysis. In this analysis FLUS was the only variable that predicted need for mechanical ventilation, admission to intensive care unit and high-flow oxygen treatment. FLUS did not predict 30-day mortality or 30-day mortality due to COVID-19. Age was the only positive predictor for these in a multivariable logistic regression.