Performance measures from 12 runs of random sets

Specificity (%)SensitivityNPV (%)PPVAccuracy
Non-COVID-19 pneumonia (%)COVID-19 pneumonia (%)Non-COVID-19 pneumonia (%)COVID-19 pneumonia (%)
Test group#
 With IFS93±4**70±797±2**90±4**90±4*94±3**92±1**
 No IFS80±769±1193±485±584±685±385±2
 With IFS87±2**71±7*93±2**88±3*78±6**89±1**87±2**
 No IFS75±465±885±379±268±580±278±2
Auscultation by acoustic stethoscope (95% CI)+76 (68–83)72 (59–82)25 (17–32)43 (37–50)71 (62–79)52 (44–66)

VoqX data are presented as mean±sd. IFS: infrasound; NPV: negative predictive value; PPV: positive predictive value. #: not in the learning process; : optimisation of the learning process; +: all data. *: p<0.05; **: p<0.01 versus no IFS.