Bayesian linear mixed effects model estimates of body mass index (BMI) in adults ≥19 years (n=312, years of observation=2317)

Unadjusted coefficient95% CIp-valueAdjusted coefficient#95% CIp-value
CFTR modulator0.14−0.02–0.310.0860.14−0.03–0.310.097
Time : CFTR modulator0.06−0.03–0.150.2170.10−0.01–0.210.079

Interpretation: the intercept represents the mean BMI at the time of CFTR modulator initiation (baseline) in adults of 19 years and older. The coefficient of time indicates the mean annual change in BMI in the years before modulator initiation. The coefficient of CFTR modulator reflects the acute change in BMI after modulator initiation, whereas time : CFTR modulator represents the change in annual BMI in the years after CFTR modulator initiation compared to the years before. CFTR: cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator. #: coefficients were adjusted for the main effects of sex, age at baseline, the interaction effect of age at baseline with time and the interaction effect of age at baseline with time and CFTR modulator treatment; *: significance level p<0.05.