Schedule of events for patient-participants and care-participants

VisitCall-out (Baseline)48 hDay 14Day 30Month 6
Day02 (±0 days)14 (±7 days)30 (±7 days)183 (±7 days)
Inclusion/exclusion criteria assessmentx
Call-out informed consentx
NRS 0–10 breathlessness every 2 min (patient)
0 not breathless to 10 worst breathlessness
Routinely collected paramedic data (pulse, respiratory rate, blood pressure, SpO2 with air, SpO2 with oxygen and working impression)x
Demographic measures (patient and carer)x
Index Ambulance Call-out outcomex
Further call-outs in 48 h after index call-outx
Follow-up informed consentx
Interview (patient and carer)x
Health service utilisation questionnaire (patient)xxx
SF-36 (patient)xxx
CRQ-dyspnoea questionnaire (patient)xxX

NRS: Numerical Rating Scale; SpO2: oxygen saturation measured by pulse oximetry; SF-36: 36-item Short-Form Health Survey; CRQ: Chronic Respiratory Questionnaire.