Selected interferon-γ release assay performance for patients on biologics comparing those with and without any courses of latent tuberculosis (TB) infection treatment, excluding borderline results

Biologics patients#93.96 (93.09–94.75)54.55 (40.55 −68.03)99.20 (98.83–99.48)13.04 (8.98 −18.09)
Biologics patients never treated for TB96.28 (95.52–96.94)45.83 (25.55–67.18)99.54 (99.21–99.75)9.24 (4.71–15.94)

Data are presented as % (95% CI); data encompass only patients on biologics. NPV: negative predictive value; PPV: positive predictive value. #: including those who may have had TB treatment; : excluded if ever given relevant drugs.