Incidence of tuberculosis (TB) across biologic risk groups

GreenAmberRedAll biologics
Total patients6202 (67.0)863 (9.32)2198 (23.7)9263
Person-years observed (years)22 5583628828234 468
Expected active TB cases#5.6560.9102.0768.642
Observed active TB cases after biologics started110819
Excess TB (how many more cases did we see than expected?)5.344−0.9105.92410.358
Estimated TB incidence cases per 100 000 patient-years48.8 (27.0–88.0)0.096.6 (48.3–193.1)55.1 (35.2–86.4)
Active TB post-drug (%)0.17700.3640.205

Data are presented as n (%), n or n (95% CI), unless otherwise stated; data encompass only patients on biologics. #: expected TB cases are calculated assuming a baseline incidence (25.1 cases per 100 000) extrapolated from Public Health England data over the time period studied.