Baseline demographics for the entire cohort (n=121) #

Characteristic% or mean±sd
Sex, % male70.3
Age years46.0±15.7
Smoking status, current %0.0
BMI kg·m−226.7±3.7
FEV1 L3.5±1.0
FEV1 % predicted104.8±15.7
FEV1/FVC %78.0±6.4
Sputum characteristicsMedian (range)Mean±sdPercentile95% CI
Sputum total cell count ×106·g−15.64 (0.99–37.00)8.68±7.992.0721.966.66–10.69
Sputum neutrophil %62.00 (4.00–97.25)55.20±24.4716.3082.5050.79–59.60
Sputum eosinophil %0.00 (0.00–3.50)0.43±0.790.001.450.27–0.60
Sputum lymphocyte %0.50 (0.00–3.75)0.85±0.880.002.000.67–1.03
Sputum macrophage %35.00 (0.25–91.50)39.37±22.6712.8573.4034.65–44.10
Sputum epithelial cells %3.25 (0.00–3.75)6.21±8.460.5015.254.45–7.97
Sputum neutrophil cell count ×106·g−13.11 (0.14–30.53)5.79±15.400.7215.404.16–7.43
Sputum eosinophil cell count ×106·g−10.00 (0.00–0.75)0.05±–0.08
Sputum lymphocyte cell count ×106·g−10.04 (0.00–0.75)0.07±–0.10
Sputum macrophage cell count ×106·g−11.72 (0.19–8.25)2.43±1.870.595.421.95–2.90
Sputum epithelial cell count ×106·g−10.24 (0.00–1.40)0.34±0.310.040.770.26–0.42

Data presented as mean±sd or median (range) unless specified otherwise. BMI: body mass index; FEV1: forced expiratory volume in 1 s; FVC: forced vital capacity. #: 30 subjects did not have full differential cell counts data available aside from neutrophil %; 58 subjects did not have absolute sputum counts available.