Treatment outcomes for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis cases in Finland by different definitions, 2007–2016

OutcomeCases, n (%)
Treatment outcome (WHO/ECDC)#
 Cured19 (40.4)
 Treatment completed16 (34.0)
 Failed0 (0)
 Lost to follow-up6 (12.8)
 Died3 (6.4)
 Not evaluated3 (6.4)
Treatment outcome for pulmonary cases (TBNET)
 Cured20 (52.6)
 Failed1 (2.6)
 Lost to follow-up1 (2.6)
 Died3 (7.9)
 Undeclared13 (34.2)

WHO: World Health Organization; ECDC: European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control; TBNET: Tuberculosis Network European Trials group. #: outcome assessed for all multidrug-resistant cases (n=47); : outcome assessed for pulmonary multidrug-resistant cases only (n=38).