Multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) treatment data for the 43 cases diagnosed and treated in Finland, 2007–2016#

Cases, n (%)Duration, median (IQR)Adverse events, n (%)Drugs, median (IQR)
Injectable drug39 (90.7)6.2 (5.2–7.4) months22 (56.4)
Linezolid38 (88.4)9.6 (5.6–14.8) months26 (68.4)
Fluoroquinolone+40 (93.0)23.3 (15.8–24.8) months10 (25.0)
Clofazimine23 (53.5)12.3 (5.6–21.1) months2 (8.7)
Bedaquiline§5 (11.6)5.9 (4.5–15.6) months0 (0)
Duration of effective MDR-TB treatment23.8 (17.8–25.8) months
Adverse event for any drug38 (88.4)
Number of drugs in intensive phase6 (5–6)
Number of drugs in continuation phase4 (4–5)
Duration of hospitalisation50 (38–108) days
Cases with all MDR-TB medicines paused14 (32.6)
Duration of pauses for cases with pauses in medication9.0 (5.5–14.0) days
DOT used42 (97.7)

IQR: interquartile range; DOT: directly observed treatment. #: cases that received only standard tuberculosis treatment with first-line drugs (n=1) or left Finland during MDR-TB treatment (n=3) were excluded; : amikacin (n=37), streptomycin (n=2), non-recipient of an injectable drug due to drug resistance (n=3) and due to young age (n=1); +: non-recipient of fluoroquinolone due to drug resistance (n=3); §: extensively drug-resistant (n=3), pre-extensively drug-resistant (n=1), MDR (n=1).