AROMA inclusion and exclusion criteria

Inclusion criteria
 Patients aged ≥18 years at initiation
 All patients who are newly initiated on dupilumab for the treatment of chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyps according to the country-specific prescribing information (product label or summary of product characteristics)
 Willing and able to comply with clinic visits and study-related procedures as per protocol
 Provide informed consent signed by study patient or legally acceptable representative
 Able to understand and complete study-related questionnaires as per protocol
Exclusion criteria
 Patients who have a contraindication to dupilumab according to the country-specific prescribing information
 Any previous treatment with dupilumab for any condition
 Any condition that, in the opinion of the investigator, may interfere with the patient's ability to participate in the study, such as short life expectancy, substance abuse, severe cognitive impairment, or other medical, social or personal conditions and circumstances that can predictably prevent the patient from adequately completing the schedule of visits and assessments
 Participation in an ongoing interventional or observational study that might, in the treating physician's opinion, influence the assessments for the current study
  Parallel inclusion in another Sanofi-independent registry might be possible if the patient gives consent